Joe & Bee's Engagement Photos


I’ve known Joe for many years now, but it was truly an honor that he asked me to shoot his engagement and wedding photos. He really could have chosen literally hundreds of other photographers, so I felt really great that he wanted me to be his photog. Joe and Bee used to be in the Sacramento area, but are currently in Jackson, Ca. They made a special trip out this way just to get these engagement photos taken. I hope it was worth the effort!


As usual, we went to the UC Davis Arboretum to shoot the photos. And as always I chose to shoot near the gazebo. Most people I’ve talked to have not been to this section of the arboretum. Joe told me that though he’d been a Davis student for his time at UCD, he had not been to this area before.


Photoshoot are not something that Joe and Bee do often… or at all really. So it was my job to make sure that they felt comfortable and at ease. I definitely felt a little apprehension at first, but once we got going, the shoot was fun and Joe and Bee were at ease. To me, having the people I’m taking photos of feel comfortable is the most important thing. If they are not comfortable, the pictures will definitely show it.


Many couples opt to have a change of clothes for a different look when it comes to their engagement shoot. Because of the many unique areas of the arboretum, we don’t have to go far to get a background that looks totally different than ones we had just previously shot at. And that’s why I like the arboretum so much, there’s just so much there!


We ended up shoot for a little over an hour. Since I shoot pretty quickly, we managed to get nearly a thousand photos! Out of that I delivered over 100 hand edited photographs for them to use however they liked.


It was a ton of fun to shoot with Joe and Bee. I’m really looking forward to photographing their wedding ceremony coming up later this month. It should be a fun and exciting time for this great couple! If you’re looking for engagement or wedding photography, please let me know! I’d love to work with you!