Law Firm Headshots

lo res 19.jpg

The folks over at Kravitz & Chan LLP called me over to take some photos of their staff. They wanted to update their website with some new photos that showed a bit more color and friendliness that many law firms may not express. I met them at their office in Sacramento and we shot in the beautiful atrium area right outside the main building. I think it provided the perfect backdrop for what they were going for.

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Typically I would have one of my backdrops on-site to provide a solid background. The solid backdrop is a staple of business headshot photos. It was actually pretty cool to do something a little outside the box today. I think the difference will make Kravitz & Chan stand out from the crowd. Sometimes I do think that lawyers are kind of stuffy people - but the people here definitely weren’t. I loved their friendly attitudes!

lo res 6.jpg

For this shoot I brought my Sony 85mm 1.4 G-Master lens. It’s a powerful lens that is extremely sharp. It’s the kind of professional lens that gives professional results. My Sony camera systems with their advanced shooting capabilities allowed me to shoot very quickly and not waste any time, which I think they appreciated since their schedules are so busy.

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Hopefully you won’t need their services as defense attorneys, but if you do, check them out at If you need any type of professional headshot, please contact me and I’ll get you what you need very quickly!