Vanessa and Adrian's Wedding


I shot Vanessa and Adrian’s engagement photos a couple months back, and now it was already time for their big wedding day! I was excited for the day as I’ve known Vanessa a long time and was so happy for her to tie the knot! The location of their wedding was in Winters, Ca - a town midway between Woodland and Davis. They had a large private area that was ideal for their wedding size.


It had been raining pretty hard for the days right up until the wedding, but the clouds parted for Vanessa and Adrian. There was a gorgeous warm light that enveloped the area. I don’t think I could have asked for better conditions on the day of the wedding. As a photographer, you brace yourself for possibly bad weather, but am always thankful when mother nature works alongside with you.


Some couples do a first look before the ceremony… not Vanessa and Adrian! They did a peek-a-boo activity where Vanessa got to go behind Adrian and put her hands in front of his eyes so he couldn’t see her. She teased him a bit with a kiss and then was off. It was a fun moment and the first time I have seen this! This event made for some playful photographs that came out really well. The video that I shot also contained some fun moments from this.


As the guests arrived Adrian stood waiting for Vanessa to come down the aisle. Since there was no first look, I’m sure that he was really anxious to see his future wife walk towards him. I got a nice shot of him as Vanessa came into view. He looks so happy!

xt3 1004.jpg

Vanessa and Adrian’s ceremony was short and sweet with a lot of laughs and a few emotional tears. From a photography standpoint, shooting it properly was challenging as they were in a narrow stairway with little room to maneuver for me. I think I was able to find some good angles still.


The reception room was at the same location which made it very easy to have everything set up quickly. We had an area for group photos as well as an area between the tables to grab photos of all the reception events. I think everything went smoothly, and it was a lot of fun capturing all the fun everyone was having that night.


I wish the best to Adrian and Vanessa as they begin this journey together. I hope that the photos and video that I took will let them always remember and revisit the day of their marriage!

I’m currently booking dates for 2019. If you’re getting married or if you know of anyone who is, please refer them my way! I’d love to work with them!