Fashion Shoot at Night


Anete is getting her website up soon so we went out to get some more photos. Our last photoshoot was during the day at the Golden 1 Center area, but tonight we totally changed it up. Night shooting can be difficult because of the lack of light. We had to rely on the flashes that I brought as well as the lights used to illuminate the streets. Though a challenge, it’s one that I enjoy taking on as night time photography has a special look to it… if you get it right!


The trick is to balance and use the outdoor lighting alongside the off-camera flash system. That way, the subject is lit properly with the background having a natural look to it. Often times inexperienced flash users will completely blow out the subject of the photograph and make the background completely useless. It took a few tweaks to get the exposures just the way I wanted them. As you can see in the photo above, Anete is lit nicely and the background behind her is as you would see it if you were there.


It was really fun poking around the downtown area at night and seeing the difference from the day. This was the first time I had shot in this part of the city at night and things definitely were different. Here’s a shot of Anete using my ultra-wide Sony lens. It really had to be at the widest focal length in order to get this image.


Just like last time, Anete came prepared and ready to shoot. She had her outfits selected with changes that took a very minimal amount of time. She’s a total pro and I appreciate that greatly about the way she operates. Each outfit she had looked amazing!


I can’t wait until Anete publishes her blog for everyone to see - I’m especially interested in seeing it! If you’re looking to get photos done at any time of the day, please let me know! I’d be happy to work with you to create some stunning images!