Joe & Bee Tie the Knot!


I had just recently shot Joe and Bee’s engagement session… and now it’s time for their big day already! The wedding was held at a beautiful church in Sacramento and I was excited to capture every moment of this day for the beautiful couple. It was a bit cloudy, so all the photos taken outside had a nice soft and diffused look to them. Sometimes it’s nice to be cloudy!


Joe is a fun guy to be around so I definitely wanted to capture a bit of fun in the photos I took of him and his groomsmen. They boys were up for anything, and since I know they love playing basketball together, I thought a jumping shot would be appropriate. They all did a marvelous job getting some good air!


For the girls, I wanted to capture the sweetness of the moment, so I had them talking and laughing as much as possible. Their natural beauty when they smiled really gave me some great shots of them together enjoying their time together this day.


The ceremony has held in the sanctuary of the church. The interior had a rustic feel to it that lent itself to a classic vibe. It made for some impressive interior photos. This picture was taken in the upper level of the sanctuary by my second shooter Brian.


Although the sanctuary was gorgeous, it was very dark for group photos. I had to bring in my own lighting system to make sure the group photos were well lit. It is vital to have good lighting on hand when it is needed. The light really brought out the detail of everyone in the photograph.


The reception took place at Hong Kong Islander, a Chinese restaurant with a large area for banquets. The cake was set up very close to where I was seated so I was easily able to get some nice shots of it. The detail of the flowers was something I really wanted to capture before it was cut and shared with the guests.


The reception was full of special moments - from speeches, to the first dance, to the flower toss. Everything was documented in still imagery as well as videography. This is a day that I would love Joe and Bee to look back on and remember how fun and awesome their wedding was.


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