Kimera's Grad Photoshoot


This past Saturday I was on site at Sac State University to photograph Kimera’s graduation photos. I am very familiar with the campus, and it is a gorgeous place to get some great images. Kimera and I were all over the campus snapping pics of her different graduation outfits. I had a ton of fun on this shoot and I think we were able to capture many memorable images.


Kimera went with my standard graduation package, which gave her plenty of time to go to a huge variety of locations and have outfit changes as well. I tend to shoot quickly, so we didn’t waste any time getting right to the picture taking right away.


Kimera came prepared not only with a change of outfit, but also her own homemade signs that reflected her journey to graduation. These extra items always make the photos look unique - so if you have something you’d like to include, do so!


I love it when my clients have ideas that they want to try. Kimera already had some locations in mind as well as some things she wanted to pull off in the photos we took. I’m always game to try something out as well as add in my own input on how to best capture something. Together we can come up with a great looking picture.


Our shoot was during the mid afternoon - not the best time of day for photos - but we were able to make it work. Much of my post processing was focused on getting the photos to be free of distractions from the background or unpleasant shadows. Though there is quite a bit of post work done on these images, hopefully they don’t look that way!


I’m so glad Kimera contacted me for this graduation photoshoot. I loved working with her on the Sacramento State campus. As graduation time is coming up soon, I’m looking forward to shooting some more graduation photoshoots!