Boy Scout Ceremony


Stacy called me to photograph her son’s Boy Scout event. Scott was being awarded the rank of Eagle Scout - a high honor in the scouting world so she wanted the occasion to be captured professionally. I had never done a Boy Scout event before, so I was excited to to bring my cameras in and capture all the festivities.


I learned a lot about the Boy Scouts during the event and what a tight organization it is. I’ve always known that the scouts taught many life skills to their participants, but it was eye opening to actually be there and see the work that is put into earning badges. The scouts certainly put in a great deal of effort when it comes to their activities.


The event was split into two parts - a ceremony portion and a reception… kind of like a wedding! And just like in a wedding it was important for me to get every detail of the event. Scott had a huge cake for his big day and there were special items all around the venue that represented him. I was sure to capture each one of these in a photograph.


The most important moments of the event were the parts when the emotions were high. Stacy was beaming the entire time and you could really tell how proud she was of Scott’s accomplishment. Capturing moments where mother and son were able to interact were priceless.


Many boy scouts and cub scouts were on hand to celebrate with Scott as he attained his eagle scout ranking. Getting all the various groups with Scott was a great way to capture all the people who came to celebrate alongside him that day.


I’m so glad I was able to be a part of Scott’s ceremony. I had a great time photographing the event and I felt that I learned so much about the Boy Scouts. I’m even considering getting my own son to be a part of the program when he gets a bit older!


I’m always happy to cover special events such as these. If you’re looking for an event photographer, please let me know, I’d be happy to cover your event in the best way possible!