Trey's Acting & Business Portraits

EDITS 3.jpg

A while back Trey contacted me to help him get some portraits. We have a mutual friend who introduced us to each other. Trey is awesome in that he has his hand in business and also in the arts. On the business side of things, Trey is in the real estate world. As an artist, he acts! So Trey definitely has a huge range when it comes to his life pursuits. And the photoshoot that we did, we wanted to really capture both sides so that he could have great photos to use for either of his ambitions.

EDITS 15.jpg

We met up in downtown Sacramento to capture images for Trey's real estate photos. Trey had a predetermined location to shoot at so I met up with him there. It was a beautiful location that worked nicely for highlighting photos with a beautiful building in the background. Trey went with a sharp suit and we about shooting various poses. It was a lot of fun and I think we captured some excellent photos in downtown.

EDITS 30.jpg

We were off to Old Sac next to generate a different vibe for Trey's acting portraits. Trey also went with a clothing change to reflect the difference in looks. Old Sac is always great to shoot because of the many wonderful backdrops there are there. We spent quite a while at both locations getting many photos as I like to make sure my clients get the most selection possible!

EDITS 33.jpg

I made sure we were able to get all the important photos done - headshots, mid-range, and full body. It's important that the set we shoot is complete! Like with just about every shoot that I do, I was using my trusty Sony a9 with a few prime lenses attached. The prime lenses are great for portraits and make each photo tack sharp. I just love the image quality coming out of these new Sony cameras. They are truly amazing!

EDITS 31.jpg

I had such a blast shooting with Trey! Please let me know if you're looking to get some portraits for yourself done - I'd be more than happy to meet up with you for a fun photo session!