Esther & Yat's Wedding


Esther and Yat were married this past weekend in San Francisco's Chinatown. Though I mainly shoot in the greater Sacramento area, I will travel further out for photo jobs! I spent my high school years in San Francisco so I am very familiar with the city and enjoy coming out to shoot when I can. It's definitely a change of pace from Sacramento!


Esther and Yat were married on the fourth floor of the Salvation Army building at the edge of Chinatown. I had no idea that there was a full blown church in the building so it was a nice little learning experience for me. The interior of the church had a unique vibe to it. The sanctuary had blue hue covering it due to a pretty large stained glass window towards the front. 


In this photo you can see the large stained glass window - it's pretty impressive actually! I like this shot in particular because it shows the entire wedding party as they go through the ceremony. To get this shot I used a super-wide 15mm lens. It's a lens that I've been pulling out more and more recently to get unique angles.


And here's a view from the opposite angle. Esther and Yan's wedding was small and intimate, but that's the way they wanted it to be. Everyone in attendance was a very close friend or family member. Sometimes that's the best way to go!


The presiding minister had the couple kiss twice to make sure that a photo was taken... but I didn't need the second chance! This is their 'real' first kiss at the wedding. As usual I was using the Sony a9 for this shoot. For the kiss I always set it for a ridiculous 20 frames per second in case the couple decides to do a real fast one. And yes, that has happened before!

Please let me know if you'd like photo or video services for your wedding. I am also able to handle both at the same time if you want to go that route! Message me through the site.