Heidi & Art and the Courthouse


I've done a courthouse wedding before in Woodland, Ca - and that was beautiful as the courthouse there made for gorgeous backdrop. The one here in downtown Sacramento isn't so grand. It's really like an old office building suffering from the yellowing of its walls. This was indeed a difficult wedding to shoot so I really had to think of what I could do to give my clients the nicest and most memorable photos possible.


For Heidi and Art, this wasn't their first round of marriage. They are a little older and have already done the marriage thing once before. This time they just wanted a simple ceremony and to have some good quality photos to document it. In the end I decided that a black and white look would serve for the best look. The lack of color gave the photos an older feel and also masked the hideous yellowing walls.


I feel that when a photo is in black and white you really focus in on the subject of the photo right away. And I loved capturing both Art and Heidi as their joyful emotions were on display the entire time they were at the courthouse.


Most of the time spent there was in the main office getting paper work signed off. This happens for just about every wedding, but it's not something you really get to see at traditional wedding ceremonies. 


Both Art's and Heidi's parents attended this small ceremony. It was very sweet to see the parents support their children. The picture above with Art and his mom is probably my personal favorite shot of all the pictures we took. It's a great mother and son moment.


I really liked how the photos turned out, and Heidi says she loves them - so I'm good with that! I'm thankful that Heidi came to me for her photographic needs. Let me know if you'd like some top notch photography for your wedding or event!