Sanyia's Modeling Shoot


Sanyia needed a very quick turnaround on some photos she was going to use for a talent agency. She contacted yours truly to get the job done. Sanyia is a young model, so with that comes the need for a contract that requires a minor photographic release form. Her mom and I got that all done and we were off shooting! We shot at the Marina in Antioch, Ca right at the golden hour. It was just about the perfect time of day for some killer lighting!


Sanyia was looking to get a comp card made of the photos we took this day. A comp card is a business card of sorts that features the different looks a model could offer in a shoot. Comp cards are a standard in the modeling industry, but this was the first time I was tasked with getting them printed and made. I thought it was a great experience learning about the process of creating comp cards so if I ever need them again it'll be something that I have already done.


To have a professional comp card, you need high quality images, unique looks and poses, and different locations to make each photo on the comp card something unique. Thankfully, the Marina in Antioch provided many different backdrops that fit different themes. We had the beautiful water in sight as well as lush trees, and the buildings on the waterfront were able to provide us a more urban vibe.


Sanyia did a great job of posing and creating stunning photos. She was a bit nervous at first but really relaxed as the shoot went on. I find that that's typically how it is. Sanyia's family was with us during the shoot and there were a total encouragement to her as we took photos. She's blessed to have good people surrounding her and encouraging her in this endeavor.


Getting modeling shots done is something that I really enjoy doing and I hope that more models and actors come to me to get their high quality photos done. It's a blast and I love being a part of this creative process with them!