Alysha & Jonathan Wedding


I was contacted by Alysha a couple days before their wedding to shoot video of their ceremony. Alysha told me that she wasn’t going to have a videographer, but decided last minute to hire one. Thankfully, I had the date open and was running a special for some open dates that I had so I was able to do it. This was definitely meant to be!


Though I mostly did video that day, I still took a few still images whenever I could. Alysha told me that their photographer wouldn’t arrive until later in the day, so I took it upon myself to get some photos of both her and Jonathan getting ready.


The guys sure know how to party! They were living it up in their room as they got dressed and ready for the ceremony.


When it was time to get serious the boys did just that - they cleaned up real good! You could tell that there was a nervous energy as the time for the ceremony crept up.


Alysha looked stunning in her wedding dress and head decoration. I’m glad I got a photo of her in some good light.


The ceremony took place indoors with some serious backlighting going on. It was tricky for the video side of things, but using the latest Sony technology, the photos were able to bring out all the detail.


When the ceremony concluded the sunlight was absolutely perfect for group photos. I had the opportunity to take photographs of the bridesmaids bathed in gorgeous sunlight.


All the photographs were taken in natural light. Because I was doing video, I didn’t rig up any lighting. The natural light looked awesome though!


I’m so glad Alysha contacted me for her wedding. I wish her and Jonathan all the best as they continue in their life together!