Hippity Hop to the Barber Shop


I always love shooting with Tarus as he has a ton of great photo ideas in his head already. It’s my job to bring them to life through the camera. We met up at J’s Barber Shop in Suisun City after closing to get some shots in the shop and out. Tarus is meticulous about how he wants things to look, which is awesome as that is a sign of someone who is serious about getting good results.


J’s Barber Shop isn’t the best looking place to shoot. The space is a bit older looking… but not in the way that you want. Tarus didn’t want too much of the actual shop in the photos as it would have been distracting to the vibe he wanted. Using flash photography was the way to go tonight and we got shooting right away since my flash set up is pretty simple.


Being at the shop, we definitely wanted to highlight some of the tools of the trade. Tonight we were able to get some sweet shots of both Tarus and the equipment that he uses to do his cuts.


For these photos I used a variety of different tonal pallets to give the shots a bit of style. Having a distinct look is important for lifestyle photography. I personally love trying out different color tones in the photos that i take.


The second part of our photo session took place just outside the barber shop. It took a few tries, but we finally found this really nice wall lit up with a street light. It was perfect to get some portraits in.


Though it was dark, I was equipped with my trusty new Sony Zeiss 35mm 1.4 lens. Using this lens we could virtually take photos in the dark! It was an awesome experience to shoot with the lens. I’ll definitely be using it on future shoots.


Thanks to Tarus for having me come out and do another shoot with him. He has big plans in the barbering industry and I know he’ll go far! Let me know if you’d like to shoot, go to my contact page and message me!