On Sunday I had the chance to attend UpCycle Pop in Sacramento. I was asked to be on a costuming panel because of my photographic work within the cosplay community. My schedule was pretty tight that day, but I was glad to be able to come and see what UpCycle was all about. I arrived about an hour early so that I could walk around and get a sense of UpCycle’s vibe and to see all the various vendors around the event.


UpCycle Pop takes place within an unoccupied business building. Within the building are all sorts of arts, food, and items that can be purchased. And that’s what is unique about UpCycle. The items available to buy are all constructed of previously used items. With some work, these old pieces of ‘junk’ are transformed into creative art pieces and items that can be used in everyday life.


What I loved about being at UpCycle was the opportunity to interact and participate in many activities. Creating art and expressing yourself is highly encouraged here - those who came had the chance to create pottery, paint, sing, and craft! Just about everywhere you looked there was something to do; it was a real playground for both kids and adults!


Throughout the day different bands and musicians performed in the main space. Fans of music could certainly just sit and chill to the sweet sounds of instruments and voices all day long. As a music lover myself, this aspect of UpCycle was especially appealing to me. I can never get enough music in my life!


Now here’s something interesting… it’s Trump Vader! On display at UpCycle Pop this day were many pieces of provocative art. The artist combined many of the politicians today with characters from Star Wars. The message of the art was very clear, and peaked the attention of everyone who came to see this work.


I wish I could have gotten a photo of the panel that I was on. Of course, being a part of a panel makes it pretty difficult to take photos at the same time. I’ll just say that I enjoyed my time on the panel and that it was fun to be able to talk about photography and costuming that afternoon! If you’d like to learn more about UpCycle Pop, CLICK HERE to see their main web page.