Kesha for IG


Kesha hired me to shoot some fashion photos for her. She needed photography done because she was asked to model clothing for an Instagram channel. It was a cold and rainy day on the day we were to shoot so Kesha asked if I could come over to her place to get the shoot done. Well… of course! I packed up my portable backdrop and got it set up very quickly in her living room. Since I don’t currently have a studio, the portable backdrop has worked out perfectly for shoots that need that studio look.


Kesha’s living room was pretty small, but the backdrop fit nicely in the space. Because of the limited size of the room, I had to utilize a wider angle lens for this shoot. Combined with my Flashpoint flash system, we started shooting very quickly and got right to work.


The grey backdrop was excellent for the color tones that Kesha had on. In total Kesha had three outfit changes - which were a breeze to get into since she was at her home! Often clothing changes are a challenge when we shoot outdoors. Public bathrooms can be hard to find or dirty, and often times models just elect to change in their car. In this case it was really convenient as there is no place more comfortable than home!


Kesha did want to shoot a few shots in front of her white wall. I liked how the shots in front of her wall turned out. The texture of the wall was very nice and gave some character to the photo - it’s certainly a different look than the seamless paper that I brought. I especially like that the wall doesn’t look like a typical drywall you find in many homes. This wall could have been easily found in an older hotel or motel area in some far off place.


Shooting with Kesha was a pleasure and I’m sure we’ll be collaborating again for more shoots! If you’re looking for any type of personal or business photography, please get in contact with me! I’d love to work with you to create some amazing images!