Red Egg Ceremony


A red egg ceremony is a tradition that Chinese families celebrate when a newborn baby reaches a certain age. Often times it occurs when the baby is 1-month old, but couples can elect to change the date depending on their schedule. Helen reached out to me via Thumbtack to capture the moments that happened at her daughters ceremony. I had not done a red egg ceremony before, but in my estimation it would be very similar to a banquet at a Chinese wedding - and it was!


The most important photographs to take during the event were the pictures of the guests. It was important to Helen to get really nice images of their friends. This involved many group shots and the ability to create good lighting in a difficult environment. Chinese banquet halls aren’t known for being bathed in great lighting, so I had to bring my trusty flash system to get the high-quality, crisp images that Helen wanted. Lighting makes a world of difference and is a must-have in any professionals tool kit.


Besides the formal group photos, Helen requested that I look for all the nice candid moments that I could. It was a ton of fun to take photos of all the guests gushing over Helen’s cute daughter. Speaking of her, she did an amazing job. She’s hands down one of the least fussy babies I have ever met! If only my own kid was this good!


The head folks at Hong Kong Islander, the venue of this red egg ceremony, presented the baby with a golden bowl. She got this swaggy golden bowl with gold chopsticks. It was quite a gift for this little one!


As I mentioned earlier, lighting is key to capturing great images. Without using a nice flash, all of the photos would have an orange/yellow hue to them so that the true colors wouldn’t come through in the images. Many people were taking pictures with their cell phones, but sadly cell phones don’t have the ability to really give you the quality of color most people want.


Here’s an example of a cute moment I caught on my second camera that didn’t utilize the off-camera flashes. I think the photo looks fine, but you can tell that the colors and image just isn’t as sharp as the previous ones. Still… I do like this image as this cute little one is eating her sesame ball.

If you’re looking for professional photography coverage for any event, please let me know! I’d love to be there to catch all the big moments that happen!