Christmas Cosplay


I’ve had the distinct pleasure of doing a Christmas themed cosplay shoot with Cammie, Veronica, and Ashton for the past three years now (wow, has it really been that long already???). Veronica sets everything up and is the main organizer of the shoot. In fact, she organizes many cosplay shoots throughout the year and has a pretty robust following on Instagram. Her themed shoots are always of the highest quality as she puts in a lot of time not only with her cosplay, but with the shoot location as well. It’s just up to me to capture it as beautifully as I can.


This year’s cosplay theme was My Hero Academia. It’s not a property that I’m too familiar with, but it’s my job to get great photos, and that’s what I set out to do. Being a Christmas shoot, it was important to me to make sure the photos had a warm feeling to them. Much of my processing for these photos involved adding warm tones to the colors.


Ashton always looks amazing in any cosplay that she dons, and this year was no different. I loved all the colors that she included as they matched very well with the Christmas environment we had. As with all photoshoots, it’s important to go for a variety of close, medium, and wide shots in order to really capture everything the cosplayers were doing.


Cammie is always ready with some fun props to add to the shot. Props are small things, but add a huge amount to photographs. For this session Cammie was a bit on the naughty side with both a whip and a pair of handcuffs. You certainly don’t want to get on her bad side!


And what good are props if they are not put to good use? Cammie the idea of a series of photographs showing her trick Ashton into the cuffs. You can see here at the end that Ashton wasn’t too happy about being locked up against her will. Doesn’t look like Cammie cares too much though!


Cammie and Ashton had one cosplay to shoot each, but Veronica had two. This second cosplay is bovine inspired. For some reason I’m suddenly thirsty.

It was a ton of fun to shoot with Ashton, Veronica, and Cammie. If you’d like to check them out on Instagram, please do at @ashton.taylor.cosplay, @feisty_vee, and @camislyce! They have amazing cosplay pages that are worth checking out.