Real Estate Photography

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Real estate photography is not something I usually do, but given the opportunity, I am certainly open to it. A friend of mine put together a phenomenal Air BnB living space and asked me to take photos of it for him. Of course I gladly obliged! I’ve used Air BnB to find a place to stay - and it really has been a bit hit and miss - but anyone staying at his place would certainly enjoy it. It’s furnished magnificently, is new, and very clean!

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Not only does it have a nice bedroom, there is a great living room area complete with television, refrigerator, microwave, and other nice amenities. There was a lot to fit into the frame when it came to photographing the area so I had to go with the widest lens I had. I chose my new Sony 12-24 mm ultra-wide zoom for this job. Often times you’ll need a wide lens in order to capture everything in an indoor area. I’m glad I had the right tool for the task.

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If you’re in need of real estate photography, I’d be happy to come and help you out! If you’re interested in staying at a very nice place in Woodland (the greater Sacramento area), check out my friend’s Air BnB listing HERE.