Fantasy Shoot for Roxy & Rose Handmade Jewelry.

On Sunday I went on with models Carla and Shannon to do a fantasy themed photoshoot for Roxy & Rose Jewelry. Roxy & Rose are sisters that make hand-make detailed fantasy wire jewelry. Their jewelry is perfect for cosplay, masquerades, or simply if you want to have an eye-catching look that no one else has. They do absolutely stunning work with a lot of care put into their creations. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to showcase a couple of their pieces in my photography. Please check out their store on Etsy and see all that they have to offer.

The models definitely had their A-game going today and went all out for the shoot. Both models are fantastic cosplayers with a tremendous amount of talent. They spent a lot of time planning and coordinating what to do before the day of the shoot. Countless messages were sent back and forth making sure that every detail of the cosplays would be accounted for. The pieces to highlight during this shoot would be the crowns sent by Roxy & Rose. Knowing this, they came up with the idea of a dark/light elf fantasy theme. Shannon took on the role of the dark elf and wore the black crown sent by Roxy & Rose. She looked stunning in her black dress and the crown definitely makes the look complete.

Carla was perfect in her beautiful pink dress and ornate wire crown. Just check out the detail done on the back of this piece! No attention to detail was spared in its creation. The delicate look of this crown by Roxy & Rose complimented perfectly the light elf look that Carla went for. I could definitely see this crown being used to highlight a fantasy cosplay. I really is perfect.

Here's Shannon's black crown up a little closer. It's certainly is not the delicate piece that Carla had on. This crown is a bold and strong statement that does not lack in detail. The difference in design and look of this one really does show the range of creativity on the part of Roxy & Rose. If you are looking for something in particular, contact them via their website as they can do custom work. Judging from the products we shot today, they have the ability to create anything you would need.

I have to give a huge shout out to Shannon, Carla, and Roxy & Rose Jewelry. I had a fantastic time photographing both the models and the crowns they were wearing today. If you haven't clicked on their link yet, please do so now. Go to and see all the amazing products for sale from Roxy & Rose. Also, check them out on Instagram at @roxyrosecreations. I'm looking forward to working with everyone involved in this shoot again!