Kings Fashion Shoot Number Three.

My third Kings themed fashion shoot was with Yessenia. Yessenia is not a model, but knows her way around make-up as she is a full-time make up artist. I actually met Yessenia a few years ago in line while waiting to get Ben McLemore's autograph in Folson. Since then we've seen each other at games every so often! We also keep up with each other on Instagram. When I began these Kings shoots, she was someone I really wanted to work with. I'm glad she was on-board with the idea!

We chose to shoot in Old Sacramento since it is yet another iconic Sacramento location. The weather has been pretty nasty recently, but it let up for our shoot time. Even if it had rained, Old Sacramento would have been a good place to shoot as many of the walkways there are covered.

The Tower Bridge is right next to Old Sacramento, and since Yessenia was wearing a gold Kings logo, I thought it would make the perfect companion for her in some of the shots we did. It is very easy to get great shots of the bridge because there are many easy to access angles of it all around the area.

Here's one of my favorite shots of the day. Yessenia and I went down to a landing right on river. It provides a great and unobstructed view of the Tower Bridge. 

In each of the shoots so far I've used this purple looking treatment for some of the photos. I think it works pretty well considering these are Kings shoots!

I just had to get a shot of Yessenia's shoes that she wore that day. They are similar to the shoes that the SKD wear on occasion. Her shoes matched her gold Kings shirt perfectly as well. Her coordination was definitely on point.

There are was no lack of places to shoot in Old Sacramento. We also went on a weekday so there wasn't huge crowds or anything to contend with.

I had a great time shooting with Yessenia today. Though she isn't a model and doesn't do professional shoots, she did a great job and was fun to work with!

If you'd like a chance to do a Kings themed photoshoot, please let me know! Contact me and we can set one up. You could be in my next featured gallery!