Sacramento Kings Doing Good This Season.

Has it already been a year? I remember last year's Season of Giving and being fortunate enough to cover the activities via photographs... and it's here once again. The Sacramento Kings organization and their players have gone out into the community and given back in a variety of ways.

Ben McLemore went to a local Bel Air grocery store and hosted a shopping spree for three families in need of basic food necessities. While the parents got to pick up the grocery items, Ben surprised the kids with Christmas presents.

When all the shopping was done, Ben even helped bring the groceries out to their cars and pack the items away. It was awesome seeing him in action here off the court. He truly has a big heart for the community.

Moira and Kelsey from the Kings Dancers were also on hand to help Ben out today. They assisted in the grocery shopping as well as with the kids. Everyone went away from this event with big smiles on their faces.

A few days later DeMarcus Cousins hosted a shopping spree for 200 kids at Arden Fair mall in Sacramento. The kids had the opportunity to purchase anything they wanted throughout the mall. Members of the Kings Organization were on hand to bring the kids around. It was a huge group effort to make this happen.

Here was the design for the shopping spree. It's a great design and I'm happy to have this on a special shirt from this event. This was the 4th Santa Cuz shopping event... and I still have my shirt from last year as well! Let's make next year's even better!

There were so many people touched by this event. I was amazed at the lines of folks that DeMarcus helped out. Not only did he provide a shopping spree, he spent time with each person individually as well. On the court DeMarcus may be a beast of a player, but he has a very soft spot for his fellow man.

This pretty much sums up what the Sacramento Kings are trying to do. They just want to do good. So simple! I applaud them for their efforts and encourage them on! Thanks for having me be a part of these amazing community events. It's a blessing!