A Spider-y Christmas Shoot.

Today I went out for a shoot with November Cosplay. I've seen her work many times before, but this is the first time we've ever done a formal shoot together. I was very excited as I know she is an amazing cosplayer. Today she wore a Christmas themed Spider-Girl suit, how appropriate for the season!

Here'a fun shot of her shooting out Christmas string out of her web shooters. These perspective shots are a favorite of mine. To get this shot I had to hold onto the string and adjust it so that it looked good in the photo.

It looks like November got a bit too crazy with the Christmas string! We wrapped her up in it and took a few snaps of her within it.

Of course as Spider-Girl we had to do some spider poses. Here's her showing that she has what it takes to be a great wall crawler.

I had to get in on the fun as well so I put on my Wolverine hoodie. I can't see without my glasses so those had to naturally be on me too. Sometimes I'm such a goofball... check that... I'm pretty much a goof all the time.