Jodh & Dilyn.

I was recently contacted by Jodh and Dilyn's mom to do a photoshoot with her boys. Jodh is the older brother and Dilyn is the younger. In fact, Dilyn's first birthday is right around the corner. The boys are super cute and look great in photographs. In fact, they are looking to possibly be child models in advertisement or other media. If you or someone you know is looking for some cuties, please let me know and I can get you in contact with their parents!

Like I said, Jodh is the older son. He's ready to follow directions and shine in front of the camera. Be armed with some M&M's though, I found out that he really.... REALLY.... loves those!

Dilyn is still very young and still is very much into doing his own thing. He's super cute though and will be amazing in any pictures with him in them. I have to really thank mom and dad for helping me get Dilyn to look towards the camera on the day of our shoot. They are pros!

A week after our first shoot I was able to come to their home and capture some images of Dilyn's cake smashing event. I hadn't heard of this tradition before, but it sounded super fun!

Basically the parents buy a cake and put it in front of the birthday boy. And guess what? He gets to just go at the cake in any way he wants to! Since I didn't get to smash a cake when I was a little boy, can I do one now?

In the end there was cake all over Dilyn so he had to be taken in to get cleaned up. I'll be having at least one more session with these two adorable boys in the coming weeks. I'm really looking forward to it!