KJ's Beautiful Family Photoshoot.

I have the pleasure of spending some time doing a photoshoot with KJ and his family. KJ found me via Thumbtack and we got the whole session put together in no time. KJ was looking to get some family portraits done before his graduation later that night. This shoot had to be very coordinated because his wife and kids would be flying in right before our appointment. Thankfully, everything came together perfectly that beautiful Saturday morning and we were able to get some fun images in. The only little hiccup came when he told me to find his family as they approached in bright yellow. Well, the first (and only) person I saw initially was KJ... and as you can see he was in all black!

Taking photographs of children can be challenging as they have pretty limited stores of patience. But plenty of energy! We shot around Old Town and the Tower Bridge today during a Memorial Day festival... talk about sensory overload! The kids really great about getting the photos done when they needed to, and that's something I really appreciate!

You can totally tell the love that this family shares with each other. Mom tells the kids to give dad a kiss and there is no hesitation! 

I don't usually see the train running when I'm in old town, but it was today. I tried to get a quick family shot as it was going by. It would have been nice to blur the train a bit more, but I'm still happy with this result. All the colors in the background add some nice vibrance to this shot.

We spent a total of about an hour getting all our images in. Best wishes to KJ as he graduates from Sac State!