Sweet Couple Shoot.


Last week I was contacted by a Thumbtack client looking for some couple portraits. They wanted them done very soon and we quickly set up a photo session a few days after the initial contact. I once again headed out to Old Sacramento to capture some images. Old Sac is such a popular place to shoot! There are just so many interesting and unique backgrounds to use. Just walking around revealed quick a few sweet spots. 

These clients had a few creative shots in mind already, and I as happy to work with them in getting exactly the poses and images that they wanted. It always helps when clients have some idea of what they want to capture. I love trying to make that happen! I loved the shot they had in mind above - I'm going to have to use that again on a later shoot somehow.

This brick building with red doors and frames was familiar to me. My wife and I actually shot a few of our engagement photos on this very spot. It's really quite a popular place to shoot. As we left this area I saw two other photographers come in and shoot some photos here.

The entire session was less than an hour. I was able to get many photos and edit the best ones on the same day. I'm looking forward to more shoots in Old Sacramento. You know who to go to if yo're looking for some nice photographs! Um... me!