End of Summer Wedding.

I'm glad to be back posting on my blog. This month has been a difficult one due to some medical issues I've been going through, but I'm back with a joyous posting! Yesterday my wife and I attended the wedding of our friends Anli and Charlotte. Their wedding was set at a beautiful vineyard in Galt, Ca. It was a bit of deja vu as this was the same location as another friend's wedding a couple years ago. But we were glad to return - the location is gorgeous.

I wasn't the wedding photographer for this wedding, but I still brought my gear out to take a few snaps. Charlotte was mostly facing away from where I sat in the ceremony, but I was fortunate enough to get this shot when she turned around for a split second.

The rings in any wedding are important, so my only other real shot during the ceremony was when they were placing their rings on each other's fingers. For both this and the shot before this one I was using my Canon 5d mark iii and a 70-200mm lens. That lens is a must if you want any sort of reach from your seat in the audience.

Here's my wife and her tower of cake. Anli and Charlotte hired her to do the desserts for their wedding. These past few days have been extremely busy for her, but everything came out perfectly. The cake and cupcakes were delicious and looked great on display. I'm very proud of the job she did!


The night ended with partying and dancing. It definitely was a great day of fun, and we were glad to be able to participate in it. Jenn and I wish Anli and Charlotte a wonderful marriage... we'll see you when you get back from the honeymoon!