Wedding in SF.

Today my wife Jenn and I went to San Francisco to attend a friend's wedding. It was great to see them as it's been at least a few years since we've gotten a chance to meet up. Chris and Christina were a big part of our church when they attended college at UC Davis. Both of them are fabulous musicians, and it was great fun serving in music ministry with them. Oh how time flies! Weren't these two just young college kids? Now they are Mr. and Mrs!


I wasn't the photographer at this wedding, but I did bring my camera and my 70-200mm Canon lens to take a few shots. I sat pretty far back, but the lens gave me some pretty good reach. This photo shows one of Chris' many expressions during the wedding. Often times the groom is very serious (probably because of nerves) as he stands at the alter. Not Chris! He was definitely having a good time, and you could tell by his face!


Christina was a beautiful bride, and I was able to capture this shot as she walked down the aisle with her father. I like this shot as you can still see her face through the veil. When I think of Christina, I always think of joyfulness. She's positive towards everybody she interacts with, and that really helps everyone love her the more.


And there they are... Mr. and Mrs. Wong! Even as they leave the sanctuary, Chris takes a moment to indulge someone who wants a quick pick! Whatta guy!

Jenn and I wish Chris and Christina the very best in their marriage. We look forward to see all that they will accomplish together!