Back from science camp.

I am a science teacher by day, and each year we take the sixth graders off to science camp. The kids look forward to this trip, but for many of them, this is their first time away from home. Many tears were shed from parent and student alike as the bus left the school.

It's amazing to come to science camp and look skyward. The trees are so tall and majestic! Usually when we've come in years past, the weather has been fairly warm. I wasn't prepared for the chilliness I would encounter this year.

Unfortunately, not only was it cold, but it was pouring rain for about a day and a half. Many of the activities that were planned had to be adjusted from the outdoors to in. Plan B, anyone?

Thankfully the rain came to and end on the third day of the trip. It was still cold, but we were very happy to see the sun come out.


The kids got to get some hiking in, and experience all that nature had to offer there. A lot of the students that I teach haven't been outside their hometown. They really learn a lot about the world on this trip.

It was beautiful out there in the woods, but I'm definitely glad to be back at home!