The sign of the age.

Besides my focus on photography, I also play drums for my church's band. Tonight we were practicing for a wedding coming up... but I caught a lot of our band members doing other things! (...or should I say an other 'thing?')

My wife plays the bass guitar, and she looks and sounds great. But at this moment she's on her phone - for good reason though, she has to find some sample music from the internet for us to reference.

Here's our guitar player Billy. I actually had no idea what he was looking at on his phone. I'm sure it was pretty important stuff - as it always is.

And lastly, here's our main singer Charlotte. She was definitely texting some friends during our 'practice' time. I just though it was funny that all the moments I got were of people on their phones. It wasn't an intentional thing to do. I'm definitely 'guilty' of being on my phone all the time too! So I put guilty in quotes because I actually don't think it's a big deal at all. It's just the sign of the age!