Cosplay shoot with Megan.

On Tuesday I was commissioned to do a cosplay photoshoot. This shoot would be for a brand new character named Keys. We decided to do this shoot in Dixon because it was about halfway between our two locations. I did my due diligence and scouted locations the day before. Turns out Dixon has quite a few really sweet places to shoot! The only thing we had to hope for was the rain to let up... and it did! 

Megan was the model who played Keys. Keys is supposedly a tomboy type of character who likes to work on cars and machines. We didn't have any classic cards around so I lent my own little Mini Cooper for the shoot. It worked out well enough I think. The Cooper has a bit of a vintage-y vibe, and is pretty cute. 

We actually saw an old truck parked in someone's driveway near our first location. I decided to 'borrow' the truck for a background. We definitely felt a bit nervous running over there for the shot, but I think it was worth it... what a cool old looking truck!

Here's a shot with Megan's welder's mask that she ordered in the foreground. The mask was a big part of an image she had of the drawn out character. Unfortunately, part of the mask decided to break on her so we couldn't put it on properly. We had to find ways of incorporating it without actually putting it on the way it was supposed to be put on. For a lot of the pictures I used a radial filter and dropped the exposure around the image. I didn't do that for this one. I kind of like how it turned out with the very stark white background.

Yup, that's the hood of my car popped open! We really wanted to get some shots of her doing her mechanic 'stuff'. Here you can see the lowered exposure on the edges of the image. Doing that really brought out the look of the clouds. Notice the cool wind propeller in the background too!

Here's a nice shot of Megan sitting in the car... she looks cold in this picture... and she was! It was a very cold day and her cosplay outfit had very little to keep her warm. I'm glad I was able to let her wear an extra coat that I had sitting in my car in-between shooting sessions. She was a total trooper as she braved the cold wind that day.

Megan is super cool. Check out that gun tattoo on her leg. Total bad @$$-ery right there! I exclusively shot with my Canon 5d mark iii today. For this shoot I switched between my 24-105mm 4.0 and 70-200 2.8 Canon lenses. I really wish I had the 24-70 2.8 Canon lens, it would have been much better today! I'll just have to find a way to save up for it!

It was awesome shooting with Megan on Tuesday. I'll leave you guys with this 'comic' pic I took on my Sony Nex-5 at the end of the shoot. Surprise! Megan is really a blonde! And you can tell how cold it was by my jacket. I was totally bundled up. I'm glad she had some warm things to wear after we finished up. I'm currently offering half off my standard photoshoot if it is for cosplay. LMK if you're interested in getting a cosplay shoot done yourself!