Basketball on Halloween.

Halloween night at Sleep Train Arena was loads of fun. The fans and the Kings organization made sure that those who came out had a really entertaining experience. Above we see game host Scott Fresh and PA announcer Scott Moak sparring with their lightsabers before the game.

There was definitely a lot of Star Wars themes going on tonight, but I decided to go the superhero route with a Captain America costume. I had a shield to go with it, but I decided to leave it in the car so that it would be easier to carry my camera gear. I think I made a good choice in that regard.

Tonight I was able to get really close to the action once again. This is a shot I particularly liked that I got from under the referees legs. This one particular ref kept getting right in front of me so I had to get a bit creative with some of my images of the game.

Unlike the home opener where I was positioned next to the opponent's bench, tonight I was right next to the Kings bench. It was great being able to hear them cheering on their teammates and see them having fun during the game.

Our best player, Demarcus Cousins, played a great game tonight as he usually does. It's always amazing to see how large and how fast these athletes are in person. These close shots were mostly taken with my Canon 5d mark iii with the 70-200 2.8 lens.

Rudy Gay, our second biggest star, was the high scorer tonight. Here's a nice shot of him going for a layup. This image was captured using my Sony Nex-5. It'd be nice to have a camera available that has fast autofocus, but it certainly does the job.

The Sacramento Kings Dancers all wore Batman outfits during their first performance. I remember seeing them learn this routine way back in the summer during their mini-camp. Seeing it come together on the court was very satisfying.

The second SKD routine was a country dance number. The girls looked great as they put on their plaid shirts. I'm always amazed at how many different outfits they have for each and every game. I'll be capturing their routines throughout the year so we can keep a count!