A Girl's Best Friend


I was out in Citrus Heights for a shoot with Nancy and her dog. He’s been getting up there in age and she wanted to make sure she got some high quality photos with him. They were both really sweet and we were able to capture some great images that I think Nancy will cherish for years to come.


Animal photography can be tricky as they often want to do their own thing. Nancy’s dog Rocky was perfect though. He happily posed for the camera so that I could get some nice portraits of him. He was such a great dog!


I loved seeing Nancy interact with Rocky. Some of my favorite shots came when I just asked them to interact with each other. The natural happiness that was between the two of them was a lot of fun to shoot.


As with all my shoots, I try to capture many different angles and situations when it comes to portraiture. We went walking, we hung out on a nice bench, and we posed in a beautiful grove of trees. All the locations were beautiful for image capturing.


I had a blast with Nancy and Rocky. In the end I provided Nancy with over 50 hand edited images of our time together as well as every single shot taken as a photographic proof. If you’re looking to get any kind of photography done, let me know! I’d love to help you get some photos that you’ll treasure!