Taylor & Justin's Engagement Photos

LO RES 67.jpg

Taylor, Justin, and I went out to take some engagement photos in Davis late last month. It was a beautiful day with some gorgeous lighting conditions for us to get some awesome shots. This fun-loving couple wanted to take a variety of fun photos and more traditional ones. We had a great time shooting, and I’m really excited to capture them again when they tie the knot later on next year!

LO RES 3.jpg

Taylor and Justin were very easy to work with. They told me that they don’t take pictures that often, but I found that they were great at taking suggestions from me. They easy going nature helped the shoot go really smoothly and both of them looked very natural in front of the lens. Often I’m I’d just say it’s time to kiss again and they would just naturally give me some really nice photo moments.

LO RES 50.jpg

Although it may be fun to take only fun pictures, you always have to keep in mind that it’s the traditional ones that will be printed and used most often at the wedding or as a large display piece at home. I always make sure that we take plenty of standard poses so that the couples have a great selection to choose from. I often get asked how many photos are included in my packages. Well… the honest answer is that I take lots and lots of photos - usually more than any set amount usually is.

LO RES 77.jpg

Although the proposal happened already, Taylor and Justin wanted to re-enact the moment and get some pictures of it. Often times there isn’t a professional photographer out there when the actual proposal happens so this is a great alternative to commemorate that moment. I think Taylor did a wonderful job showing her surprised face in the photos.

LO RES 30.jpg

As with all my photos, I like to included multiple levels of depth in the frame. It’s awesome to have something in the foreground, mid, and back to create a nice sense of dimension.

LO RES 36.jpg

The camera is always ready. Often time the most fun moments are the ones that happen between snaps. Well, I make sure to get those whenever funny or sweet things happen. Here’s a moment that was unexpected but turned out great as a photo!

LO RES 85.jpg

I had a blast working with Taylor and Justin. I wish them the best as they plan for their big day next year. I’ll be back photographing their wedding when the time comes! If you’re looking for wedding photography, please let me know, I’d love to help you out!