Artistic Awards Ceremony Event Coverage


I got a phone call a while back asking if I could cover a special event put on by the California Lawyers for the Arts. Apparently, I was highly recommended by by someone they knew! That was awesome to hear as I’ve been working hard to get my name and business out there more and more. The event organizers needed both photographic and video coverage. Since I do both I was more than happy to answer the call to cover their ceremony.


The Artistic Awards is an annual event. I had not heard of it before, but I found it that it is quite an honor to be selected for one. A select group of people from around California were selected to receive one of the Artistic Awards. Shown above are the nominees as well as their presenters. It was a tight an enclosed area with a large group, so thankfully I had a wide enough angle lens to get everyone in frame.


Though I shot photos for the event, I primarily did video. I called upon Brian GG Photography to second shoot this event. I’ve worked with Brian on a couple events now and enjoy his work. He’s reliable and gets the shots that are needed. Though he was to cover the entire ceremony, he was tasked to get the award winners as they exited the stage in a posed shot. These photos are very important as the awards winners will most likely be using these photos for prints and their own social sharing. Brian was able to get these photos without a hitch.


I actually snuck a photo of Brian doing his thing during the awards ceremony. We’ve got a couple more gigs lined up coming later on in the summer and I’m very much looking forward to seeing his work!


When I did take photos, I was mostly at longer focal lengths. The above photo was taken by me without the use of flash. I love the way it turned out, but I had to do quite a bit of adjusting to get the image the way I wanted it to look. Much of the work involved changing the color balance. Many events take place in an environment with yellow/orange lighting. I could use a white balance card to get it right during the event, but I’m also fine with doing those adjustments in post.


We were contracted to only deliver about 30 photos from the event, but being someone who loves to deliver more, we were actually able to give the event organizers over 100 edited photos along with all the unedited proofs to use as they please.


Not only did the event organizers get photos of the participants of the event, but detail shots showing all aspects of what went on - from the food being served to the items being sold for fund raising purposes. We didn’t want to miss a thing in our coverage.

In the end I also delivered 3 videos. The one above is a 60-second highlight video for use on social media. I had a blast covering this event and am always available to cover yours! Let me know if you have something coming up and we’ll get it booked!