Zenia's Grad Photoshoot


Zenia and I were on campus Memorial Day weekend for her graduation shoot. It was the perfect time to shoot as many students were off campus at the time. There were a few other graduation shoots going on, but not nearly the number that I usually see during this time of the year. We started at Zenia’s old dorm building, Bixby at the Segundo Complex. I thought it was a great idea to get some photos where she stared her college career. It’s not often we go back to where it all began!


The dorms aren’t a place that I typically shoot at, but there were some very picturesque backdrops available there so we decided to take a few of our photos just around the area. I enjoyed this as I was able to shoot in a brand new location that I hadn’t done so at before. It’s always exciting for me to discover new locations as it adds to the bank of places I can take graduates to for their photos.


We were actually all over the UC Davis campus for this shoot. Zenia really loves redwoods so we headed to the arboretum where these beautiful trees are. All the colors that she was wearing for the shoot went well with the greens of the redwoods. Zenia wasn’t wearing the traditional graduation gown, but she did have a sweet looking stole with a gorgeous dress.


Some people like the egg heads on campus and some absolutely do not. Zenia wanted to get at least a few photos with the egg heads since they are such an iconic part of the UC Davis campus. It’s always fun to shoot with the egg heads because they lend themselves to some sillier photos.


For this shoot I used only two lenses - the Zeiss 35mm 1.4 and the Sony G-Master 85mm 1.4. These optics are the best you can get on the system and they produce amazingly sharp images. I only pull out the best on every shoot that I do. The equipment used really does make a big difference in terms of the quality you get.


And of course we had to shoot at the UC Davis sign. Today there was only one group shooting there when we arrived so we didn’t have to wait long at all. Man, it is a drag when you have to sit there for 45 minutes in line for this location!

Graduation season is coming to an end, but if you are still looking for graduation photography, I’m ready to provide you with a great photo session! Let’s talk!