Haley's Grad Shoot.

Sweet! Another graduation shoot! This time out it's with Haley. She's excited to be graduating with an animal science's degree. We went all over campus to get the photos of the locations she wanted to remember from her time here at UC Davis. This particular photo come from UC Davis' Memorial Union. The MU has been under construction for a while and this giant seal had been inaccessible until just recently. I'm glad we had a chance to shoot with it.

Adjacent to the Memorial Union is the large quad area. This large field is a place that students travel between to get to different classes, the MU, and the library. Any UC Davis student is familiar with the quad and has probably been through it countless times. I wanted to get a shot of Haley walking down one of the paths in the quad. For this shot I had the camera set to track her as she walked. The Sony a9 did a marvelous job of keeping her in sharp focus.

Haley brought her cowboy boots to the shoot and wanted them featured in a few shots. We took some photos low to the ground so that the focus could be on the boots. Thankfully, the Sony a9 has a tilting screen as it shoots in live view. It was no problem getting the low angle I wanted to shoot at. This photo is pretty cool in that not only does it feature Haley, it has a group of prospective UC Davis students visiting the campus with their parents in it. I'm sure Haley remembers the time when she did this same tour. This photo has the graduate about to leave the school and the young students who are about to enter. Nice!

Speaking of graduate... this is the Graduate! The Graduate, or Grad, is a restaurant/bar just off campus. There's good food you can eat there (like the Aggie Burger), but many people go to the Grad to dance! Haley's favorite night to go is when they have line dancing. It was a huge part of her Davis experience so she wanted to get a shot there. The big double doors provide a nice symmetry in this photo featuring Haley in her dancing cowboy boots and grad accessories.

Being an animal science major, it was only natural that Haley would have some photos taken with the animals she worked with as an undergraduate. We went to the goat barn and took some photos with some of her favorites. It was really cute to see the goats that day. I'd actually never been to that particular part of campus and was excited to be able to experience this unique corner of UCD.

Congrats to Haley as she finishes her time at Davis. I'm grateful that she found me to be her photographer. Best wishes!