Erica & Nate's Wedding (Placerville, Ca).

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I met Erica and Nathan early this year when they contacted me regarding wedding photography. After meeting with them at a local cafe, they decided that I was a good fit for their needs. This past month was their big wedding day, and I was on hand to capture all their moments - big and small! The wedding took place in Placerville, Ca at Davies Inn and Ranch. I had never been there before, and was excited to check out the location. Turns out it was a gorgeous venue for a wedding. Rustic buildings, beautiful trees, and a spacious lawn were just a few of the stunning backdrops that were available to create photographs with.

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I arrived during Erica's make-up session. The venue had a lodge for her to stay in and get ready. As I usually do, I took photos of Erica as the make-up artist was applying the make-up. The bridesmaids were on hand getting ready as well and the general excitement was definitely building.

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I took the time at the beginning to also take photos of the important clothes, shoes, and jewelry Erica would be wearing today. My favorite thing of hers were these blinged out Converse shoes. They were certainly unique, but also functional as they made getting around very comfortable for Erica. This was such a smart move by Erica! 

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Before long the ceremony began with the bridal party walking towards the ceremony location. Erica a small party of just two bridesmaids, but they were her sisters, and of course, very important to her. They were beautiful as they came down in their maroon dresses.

wedding (95).JPG

Erica arrived shortly after. It was getting later on in the afternoon which was very nice for taking photos. Though having many trees around can make the lighting uneven, the parts that do get even lighting look really great. I love this photo of Erica as the sun in the back is kissing the back of her hair just right giving it a nice glow.

wedding (112).JPG

There was no lack of emotion at this ceremony. The vows made were personally written by Erica and Nathan, and each were very impactful. There were very few dry eyes in the audience after the vows were said. As I try to do, I was looking to capture those emotions as best as I could.

wedding (115).JPG

Of course the first kiss is a MUST for any wedding shoot. Sometimes this moment lasts for only a split second. It was nice for Erica and Nathan to let their smootch linger on for a little longer. You only get one of these first kisses... so might as well make it last!

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The centerpiece of the reception was the simple, yet elegant and gorgeous wedding cake. I thought that this cake fit the newlyweds perfectly. Quite a few people were clamoring to take a photo with it before Erica and Nathan got to cutting it up. By the way... I did end up getting a slice... it was delish!

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As the sun began to set Erica, Nathan, and I went off to do a sunset photoshoot while the light was about to disappear. This golden hour is one of the best times to shoot as the light is warm and flattering. Some couples don't do a sunset shoot as they are busy with the reception. It was awesome that Erica and Nathan wanted this done!

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As the night came in, the food came out. The reception was full of joy! The speeches made were memorable, the dancing was epic, and all good time was had by all who were here. It was a great pleasure to shoot this wedding for Erica and Nathan. I wish them the absolute best as they spend the rest of their lives together!