Claudia is a cosplayer, model, and friend. We were hanging out one night and just for fun we had everyone put on some superhero hoodies. Well, she chose the Wolverine hoodie and immediately looked absolutely stunning in it. So I had it in my mind to get her on a shoot with the hoodie on. The idea was to just be 'cosplay casual' and do a shoot at a local coffee location. We went to Temple coffee in downtown Davis and began our shoot just a few days later!

For her troubles I got her an iced coffee drink... and of course it worked great as a prop in our photos. This photo was taken with me outside looking at her through the big windows at Temple Coffee. I love the colors and reflections that are shown through here.They add great accents to the photo.

We headed outside to get a few shots as well. Claudia chose a nice dress to go under the hoodie. Though it might be a fashion faux pas to wear a hoodie and a dress, I think the look works quite well here.

At one point we got some coffee stirrers and made some impromptu Wolverine claws for her. Here they are in all their glory... three coffee stirrer claws! If you'd like to see all the photos from this shoot, please check out my sister site: and take a look!