A Very Fun & Unique Engagement Shoot.

Yesterday I traveled out to Cool, Ca to meet up with my clients Danae and George. We met via Weddings.com a while ago and they hired me to shoot their engagement and wedding photos. George is really big into the outdoors so he chose a location that is a bit further out than my usual spots.

The location was about 20 minutes out of Cool on a dirt road leading to a river. The location pretty much consisted of an old house location with natural landscape all around. It certainly was a unique location to shoot at, and one that we had all to ourselves.

Danae had in mind to do three wardrobe changes for the engagement shots. The first theme was to be a camo centered. Because they go into nature so much, this was a great way to represent them.

George brought a variety of fire arms for this shoot, and they came in really handy for props. We were really able to get unique perspectives using the guns as a point of focus in the photos.

Of course, this shoot wasn't all about the guns... it was about George and Danae. So while we got a lot of shots with them and their guns, we took a lot of romantic photos as well.

The second outfit was a farmer-plaid get-up. This again highlighted their love of nature and the outdoors. For this second theme I made a conscious effort to find a new location in the area to shoot at to get a little bit of a different look.

We found a tree full of mistletoe. I chose to highlight the green here make it really stand out. We did fun and silly photos like this where Danae is brushing off George as well as some real kissing action under the mistletoe!

This was the main tree that we used to get many of the shots during our second shoot session. George was brave and made his way onto the trunk to do a Superman pose.

The first two sessions had a good amount of sepia toned photos. The past few jobs I've done has had sepia in them. It's a little softer than straight up black and white, so it's nice when shooting things that are romantic in nature.

The final session featured George and Danae in a Bonnie and Clyde look. This look was quite a departure from their previous choices. Danae enjoys cosplay and making costumes, so this one was a great representation of her personality and interests.

I stepped away from sepia and went with black and white for some of these photos because it gave them a stronger feel.

Danae and George were real troopers as they wore these very hot clothes in 100 degree weather.

Of course even with the Bonnie and Clyde look there has to be some steamy romance going on. I really liked the idea of placing them in the corner and taking shots from across the room.

Although it was extremely hot yesterday, the shoot was a ton of fun. George and Danae were great. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they have planned for their wedding next year!