So Long, JT.

A few weeks ago I got a call from my friend Sheila to attend and cover a day of Jason Thompson's basketball camp. Little did we know then that it would be of this much significance as Jason was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers just a couple days before. Though Jason was traded, he completed his basketball camp in Sacramento and fully participated with the kids who were there.

You could tell right when you walked into the gym that the kids were having a great time. They were playing hard and learning the fundamentals of the game. Each camper also got a special Jason Thompson Elite camp shirt.

Jason was extremely giving with his time. He is one of the rare players that will spend personal time with the kids and stay for autographs. There was a huge line for a JT signature, and he made sure to get to every person!

After finishing up the camp JT came over to Sheila and I to do the interview. JT was relaxed and personable. He took the time to take photos with us as well as chat and have fun.

Again I was tasked to do some video work! I filmed the interview between Sheila and Jason and also captured a few other clips of the camp. I gave the footage to Sheila and she put it up on her Youtube channel. The edited video is below, please take some time to watch it and give her a follow on Youtube!