Headshot Photography at Sutter's Landing.

Yesterday evening I went out to Sutter's Landing in Sacramento to do some portrait/headshot photography for Nicole, a client I met via my Thumbtack referral service. She suggested Sutter's Landing because of its scenic view of the American River. I had never been there before so I jumped on the chance to give this new location a try.

Nicole was right, Sutter's Landing provides some beautiful backgrounds for portrait and headshot photography. There were a lot of lush greens and calm blues everywhere. If that's the color scheme you're going for then Sutter's Landing is a very good choice. We went in around 6pm and the sun was just right for natural lighting. The colors around were popping and vibrant.

Check out my video about this location above! It'll give you a sense of what you can find around Sutter's Landing.  I plan on making more and more videos to highlight good places to shoot around Sacramento as well as general things that photographers may be interested in.

I'll finish off this blog post with a couple examples of the portrait shots I did with Nicole. In the image above Nicole is right along the water's edge. My goal was to capture some of the reflection of the sun on the surface of the river in the shot.

This portrait was captured a little bit away from the river where there was more foliage. I have images with less blown out backgrounds from this shoot, but I rather like the way the photo looks with the bright white backing.

I really appreciate Nicole recommending Sutter's Landing and I hope we get to meet again for more pictures really soon!