Clinical Work.

I found myself back at Sleep Train Arena on Thursday night to capture moments of the Sacramento Kings Dancer clinic being held there. The Kings dancers offer this clinic for any hopeful dancers out there who may want to become an SKD one day. It's a great opportunity for interested dancers to learn what it takes to become an NBA dancer.

There were quite a number of girls who came out to the clinic. They were all at varying skill levels looking to improve and gain insight from the current SKD. I was impressed with the positive attitude and willingness to learn from each of them. I know that this experience was intimidating as it took place center court at Sleep Train Arena with all these other dancers around... kudos to them... for reals! It definitely took guts to be out there.

As usual Jenn Santich ran the show and made sure that everything went smoothly. She's definitely got a lot on her plate as she readies her potential new dancers for the auditions coming up later on in the summer.

The girls got to work real fast. After a brief warm-up the current Kings Dancers had the girls leaping and jumping across the court. I've seen these exercises during SKD practices during the season, so doing them here will really show the girls what being an SKD is all about.

One of the most important things any of the hopeful dancers could do was to smile during the entire time. They learned from Kings Dancer Moira that a smile goes a long, long way. Even as the SKD taught the girls a routine, many of the hopefuls took that advice to heart and smiled all the way through. 

In the end, the girls had the opportunity to ask questions about the process of becoming a Kings Dancer. The clinics are so valuable and such a great learning experience! There are a couple more coming up this weekend for anyone who is interested. Just go over to the Kings website and sign up. It's that easy!