Fall Model Shoot.

Today I met up with Stephi for a modeling photoshoot. Stephi wanted to add some photos to her modeling portfolio so she got into contact with me. I've been shooting more and more modeling shots recently so this was a perfect job for me.

Stephi was a beautiful model to work with. She came dressed well and ready to pose for different shots. It's always my goal to provide as many different shots and angles as possible for my clients.

It was a cloudy day for our shoot, which actually worked out pretty well as the overcast sky gave us a nice natural diffused light to work with. And the outfit Stephi chose for this shoot matched up perfectly with the environment we were in. It all came together just right!

I'll end with this fun shot of Stephi in the grass with the golden fall leaves. This series of shots we took were may favorite as falling leavings make for great photos. I enjoyed this shoot with Stephi and would love to photograph her again in the near future!