SKD Mini-Camp Day 3.


The Sacramento Kings Dancers spent the morning doing some self-defense training. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend that - I would have loved to get images of that activity. Oh well... can't attend everything! So my day with SKD started with the dancers going over another new routine at the dance studio. I was able to see the dancers continue to build their team with these routines. 

The dancers continued to amaze me with their ability to quickly memorize and perform the routines being taught to them by the instructor. To capture these moments I switched between going with using a single-point focus and the AI Servo focus mode on my 5D Mark III. Both modes were instrumental in getting the shots of today's practice.


I felt that the routines today gave the dancers a chance to show off their athleticism, especially their vertical abilities. The girls were able to get some good air during practice. This is a shot I was able to get using the AI Servo mode. It's this ability on the mark III that I really wanted over the mark II. The mark III is quite a bit pricier, but fast auto focus and a smart AI system is very important to me.


During the short break that the dancers got between routines, the SKD had the chance to rest, refuel, and also check their phones. These breaks were definitely needed to refresh the dancers a bit before having to continue their work.


Well, that's it for the SKD mini-camp! It looks like the dancers are ready to give it their all on the court this season. I'm sure they are going to impress all who attend the Sacramento Kings games coming up later this year.