Working all day and all night.

My wife has her own baking company, Love Baked, and this week she has been baking non-stop for a friend's wedding coming up this weekend. I honestly don't know anyone who works harder than she does - she is tireless in her efforts. The best I can do is capture some of what she does... and do her dishes, of course!

Have you ever heard of a French macaron? Well, they are all the rage right now, but these finicky little delights are very difficult to make. Each batch has to be carefully crafted just so. Any mistake and an entire run can be wasted. The material cost might not be so high, but the time cost is great.

Everything she does is 100% hand-made. Each little cookie, cupcake, and other sweet treat has come from the heart. She definitely puts all of herself into her craft, and I really think you can taste the difference in her final products.

Nope, they all don't turn out perfect! This one is definitely not going to make it into the wedding display this Saturday. I told you these little guys can be finicky!

And the baking continues...

If you're interested in ordering some baked goods from my wife, please check out here site an contact her from there.