Sunday BBQ.

Today was a great day for a BBQ. My friends and I went to a local park to do some grilling. My current everyday camera is a Sony Nex-5R. It's a mirrorless camera that has been with me for quite a while now. I would say that it is the ultimate consumer camera. I'm not sure if the uber-pro would like this... but this camera has the ability to do selfies, like this one!

We were grilling hamburger, steaks, hot dogs, and veggies too! It was a great time out, and I had a lot of fun shooting some photos of my good friends today.

I enjoy taking photos of animals, but when doing so, I make sure to have a pretty high shutter speed set so that I can capture them when they start to move quickly. This guy wasn't moving much in this shot, but he got around quite a bit this afternoon.