Fashion with Friends


This past weekend I was in Old Sac shooting Ree and her friend Carol. Ree has always had an amazing sense of style and I was glad to be able to do another photo session with her - it’s been a while since our last shoot! After grabbing a bite to eat, we were off and shooting.


Our photo session began at Sacramento’s Downtown Commons area, but we made our way to Old Sacramento as I felt that their fashion matched with the Old Sac aesthetics more. The colors they chose to wear fit well with the vibe in Old Sacramento.


We were all over the place in Old Sacramento. One of my favorite stops was the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I’ve been there before, but this was the first time for them. We actually picked up a few chocolate dipped strawberries to enjoy as we took a break from the session.


I had a ton of fun with Ree and Carol shooting both candid and posed shots throughout the day. Hopefully we’ll get to do another photo session soon!


If you’re looking to get any type of photography done, especially portraits or fashion photography, please let me know and we’ll get a date set!