Catherine and Geo's Wedding Videography

Catherine and Geo were married on July 13th and I was honored to be their wedding videographer. I was the sole videographer at this event - which is often the case (though I HIGHLY recommend hiring my second shooter Brian GG as he is fabulous and only $300 more). Even though it was just me that day, I always make it a point to cover as many angels that I can. My standard is a three camera set-up. I typically position two cameras on tripods and then carry around a third to cover everything else. This usually works out pretty well and gives me a lot of footage to work with when the job is finished. The video above is a longer highlight video that I delivered to Catherine and Geo. It’s a great way to re-live the entire wedding day. This video, along with the short 60-second highlight, full-ceremony recording, and all reception events are all delivered to my clients when they are completed.

If you’re interested in wedding videography, please message me through this site! I’d be happy to check and see if the day you want is available!