Sal & Jackie's Wedding


Jackie and Sal asked me to capture their special day. I tag teamed with Brian of Brian GG Photography to cover both photography and videography. I always have a blast with Brian as he is talented image maker and keeps the process of wedding photo and video running smoothly. As typical of wedding shoots, we arrived on the scene and began taking photos of the bride and groom getting ready. Brian went to work with the groom’s side while I went to the bridal suite to photograph Jackie and her bridal party. I got to the bridal suite as Jackie was finishing up her time there. I quickly set up some posed shots since time was of the essence - as it usually always is during a wedding day!


It wasn’t too long after covering the getting ready photos that Jackie was on her way down the aisle to meet Sal. Both Jackie and Sal looked amazing at the alter. I did the usual running around like a ninja to get all the different angles. Brian took care of the angles that I wasn’t at and we were able to capture a lot of great photos of the ceremony. Both Brian and I use the latest in Sony high-end mirrorless cameras so that our work matches up perfectly.


Always be ready to capture the first kiss! Sometimes it’s hard to tell when the first kiss is coming because the pastor will often just spring it on you all of the sudden during the ceremony. I think I have a pretty good feel for when the first kiss is coming and am ready to get this important moment - maybe the most important moment of the day. I shot a closer view of the first kiss while Brian was able to get a wider angle.


The venue we were at had a two-story building so that I could capture a shot from above of all the wedding guests. Sal and Jackie really wanted a photo like this one and I was glad we were able to make it happen. Shooting from above is always a special angle that give a different look to the images. I had all the folks in the picture look at me for a few and then had Sal and Jackie kiss for another. I like this one the best.


After the ceremony is the time for bridal party photos. It’s typical to have the bride with the bridesmaids and the grooms with the groomsmen. I like mixing it up a little sometimes by having the bride with the groomsmen and the groom with the bridesmaids. It makes for some fun photos that you don’t get too often. Jackie and Sal had some really great poses with their bridal party.


The venue had a private garden with fountains and beautiful foliage for Sal and Jackie to take some really epic looking photos. I was like a kid in a candy store at this location as there were so many gorgeous backdrops to shoot around. Many of the locations that I go to for weddings don’t have scenery as nice as this. In those cases I have to be really creative in my shots. Here we could be creative, but have a great location to boot!


As it got dark Sal and Jackie left the reception to sneak in some sunset photos. The entire day was really amazing and Brian and I had a great time shooting this one. If you are looking for wedding photography here in the Sacramento area please let me know!