Barbering Workshop


I was at Black Black hair salon in Sacramento working with Tarus as he held a barbering workshop. Tarus wanted to get some coverage in both photo and video, so I brought the necessary equipment and got to work! When I arrived on scene Tarus was already doing his thing so I set up quietly in the back and began filming and taking photographs.


I used the Sony a7iii for video and the a9 for photographs. The a7iii is definitely my go-to when it comes to video. It has built in picture profiles and does the job flawlessly. I know that many people use the a7iii for filming purposes. It’s just a great camera for that. The crop sensor a6400 was also used as a b-cam during this shoot. That camera is also an amazing video camera as it features an unlimited record time. I just set it up on a tripod, got my framing, and let it rip!


The a9 was my main image camera as it is for just about everything I do. The a9 is special in that it shoots completely silently. I am very aware of how much sound I make at events. It’s my goal to be completely silent and out of the way. The a9 helps me do this. The class Tarus was holding didn’t have a lot of ambient sound, so a camera’s shutter would be really annoying as it was clicking away. I didn’t have this problem. The a9 is perfect for situations like this or the weddings that I shoot.


Though I prefer to shoot close-ups, whenever an event is captured I am always trying to get the mid and wide shots to show more of what is happening. And the same goes for video. Getting a huge variety of different angles and looks helps with the overall package when I deliver to a client.


It’s funny, I have actually shot at Black Black before maybe a couple years back on an assignment from Main Street Hub. It was pretty awesome to be back in the salon doing some more work!